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SOLD! 12'x12' Aluminum Gazebo A-027

C$1,149.99 Regular Price
C$746.99Sale Price
  • Discontinued Item.

    We have many different styles to choose from, but with a limited number of each. Come see us in the store to check out the lighting and pricing.

    Description from website prior to being discontinued:
    - This aluminum gazebo has polycarbonate roof panels
    which allow to create an outstanding outside living area
    - 8 mm rigid polycarbonate panels with UV treatment to
    protect against the sun's harmful rays
    - Does not have a roof vent
    - The mosquito net surrounding the area protect from sun
    UV rays or excess sunlight as well from mosquito
    - The gazebo is dark (neutral) colour and mosquito net is
    - Solid and sturdy powder coated aluminum posts
    - Triangle shape post (leg)
    - Roof and structure are not guaranteed against extreme
    weather conditions (storms, high winds, etc.); if
    gazebo is not dismantled for winter, snow must be
    cleaned off regularly
    - Heavy PVC mosquito netting
    - Additional rail for optional privacy curtains
    IMPORTANT: Keep snow removed on the roof
    **NOTE** Privacy curtains not included
    - 12' X 12'

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